Raw Materials
We only use the highest quality ingredients:
A) Nitromethane CH3NO2

There are only 2 continents in the world capable of producing nitromethane: the USA and China, so you would think all nitromethane is the same.  Like most other products quality differs and MECCAMO especially selects the manufacturers production batches best suited to producing high quality fuels.  Storage and transportation are also specified and managed to ensure the nitromethane reaches our factory in perfect condition.  The amount of nitromethane in MECCAMO fuel is calculated by volume; some calculate by weight (less nitromethane) and some may even exagerate the nitromethane content.

B) Methanol CH3 - OH

MECCAMO works in association with several producers of methanol and they all have to adhere to the very rigorous product specifications contained within our contract.

The methanol is transported in special cisterns each containing 30.000 litres that have the void filled with nitrogen. These cisterns are used ONLY to transport methanol to avoid any contamination.  On receipt at the factory the nitromethane is transferred and stored in 304L stainless steel vats, again under nitrogen, to ensure that no moisture is absorbed.