1) Lubrication at low temperatures
2) Lubrication at high temperatures
3) Lubrication to maintain an effective seal between the piston and sleeve

The purpose of the lubrication package is to provide effective component lubrication and protection and then by careful selection of the lubricants the explosive power of the fuel can be maintained. There are various families of lubricants including synthetic lubricants and natural (mineral, plant) lubricants.

Castor oil
Castor oil is a vegetable oil with specific properties that benefit micro engines.  The MECCAMO lubrication package includes castor oil where, to achieve premium engine protection, only caster oil of pharmacutical quality is acceptable in our fuels.  This caster oil, to the standard
PHARMACOPOEIA (CODEX), guarantees maximum purity for enhanced engine protection.

Synthetic Oil
MECCAMO has developed a variety of synthetic oils for micro engine use. These oils allow each engine to perform to the peak of its design.  Indeed, the oils that MECCAMO incorporate within the fuels guarantees exceptional lubrication in all conditions of use.