It was in 1993 that MECCAMO first invested in computer controlled infrared spectrometry and chromatography equipment to provide the most accuracte quality control possible.
The computer software provides highly detailed chemical analysis that has enabled us to develop and control the quality of all of our products. These tools allow us to control all raw materials received into our warehouse where they are tested to ensure they fulfill the conditions of our contract.  Only products meeting our requirements receive our quality approval to be used in the production of MECCAMO fuel.


Using only raw materials that have been tested by our own staff and equipment and proven to have reached the standards demanded by MECCAMO our products are blended in pre-determined methods to achieve the desired end results.  Quality control continues throughout the manufacturing process after which 3 samples are taken from every manufactured batch and carefully identified and logged.  One sample is subject to test by our computer controlled infrared spectrometry and chromatography equipment as a final check to determine if the product can be packaged or not.  The other 2 samples are sealed and preserved at the factory for a minimum of 2 years where they serve as control samples in the event of any issues.  Once blended our fuels are stored in 304L stainless steel vats under nitrogen gas until packaged.


In 1993 MECCAMO launched its traceability program, which continues today, incorporating all of our production.  The program consists of identifying every manufactured batch and every product container. All our containers are uniquely numbered on the colour sticker specifying the content of nitromethane and this number is cross referenced at the factory to the specific manufacturing batch that was used to fill each individual container.  The batch number enables our staff to trace all aspects of manufacturing and testing and to identify the exact chemical analysis of the product at the end of the manufacturing process.  Should they be required the 2 preserved samples can also be re-tested for comparison purposes.

Protective Packaging:

MECCAMO uses packaging that is specifically designed to protect the fuel from UV light and moisture present in the atmosphere.  During procurement, storage and manufacture our methanol is stored under nitrogen to ensure a total absence of water.

All our packaging confoms to European Standards including Child Proof Safety Caps, Tactile Indicator and Safety Instructions in the language of the country where the product will be sold.

The MSDS in PDF version